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Benign Hypertension

Posted at November 12th, 2011

Benign Hypertension – Symptoms and Treatments


benign hypertension

Types of hypertension

Benign hypertension is the term used to differentiate the condition of the more severe and aggressive malignant hypertension. Malignant and benign-hypertension is commonly diagnosed as there are elevated levels of the blood pressure for a quite long period that can be progressing at a relatively slow pace and damages that usually take several years to develop. If the level of the blood pressure of a person with benign essential hypertension shoots up, then it may be referred to entering a “malignant phase”. Nowadays, there are arising individuals suffering from hypertension. And it is estimated about a third off all US citizens having certain hypertension condition, either benign hypertension or other type of hypertension.


Benign hypertension, the diagnosis

Patients that have been diagnosed with benign hypertension, nearly 50% of them are not correctly taking the prescription medication that been given to them by their physician. Not taking medication as prescribed by the doctor is the definitely the biggest risk factor for a person suffering from benign hypertension, which can be classified as a life threatening condition. Many people who are already diagnosed with high blood pressure may take steps to bring the blood pressure levels to normal after a few changes to diet, lifestyle, exercise regime and proper medication. And if the treatment for benign hypertension is done early enough, they may reduce the risk for complications such as heart attacks, stroke and kidney problems. It is common that there are a lot of people who haven’t been diagnosed with this quite deadly condition. Malignant and benign hypertension may come with no symptoms at all, or there are potentially mild symptoms such as nausea and headaches, which might easily be confused with other problems. This is why benign hypertension is known as the silent killer, and is also considered as among the most important conditions that people should be educated about.


Benign hypertension, the risk

The risks of benign hypertension are increased by particular medical factors, genetic factors and lifestyle choices, and it is the lifestyle choices that predominantly making the numbers of people diagnosed with malignant and benign hypertension each year are increasing. As more and more countries adopted the face pace lifestyle, including high sodium, high fat, highly processed diet, less active jobs as well as increased stress, it is supposed that the number of individuals with hypertension will likely to increase dramatically. Though the “benign” phrase as referring to benign essential hypertension – appears to suggest that the condition will not cause any serious issues, this isn’t the case. If benign hypertension is the diagnosis that a person received, then they ought to immediately looking to reduce the level of their blood pressure. This is a must for patient with benign hypertension because each moment that the blood pressure is elevated, means the chances of complications is increasing as well.

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