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Essential hypertension

Posted at November 8th, 2011

Essential hypertension: in defined high blood pressure


essential hypertension

Types of hypertension

Essential hypertension which is also known as primary hypertension or idiopathic high blood pressure refers to indefinable of the high blood pressure. The condition of this primary hypertension affects almost 95% of the patients. This is a hypertension that seems to be a familial disease that occurs as the consequence of the both environmental and genetic main factors. This essential-hypertension will develop as the age of the patient.

Essential hypertension: the causes

The cause of essential hypertension is caused by the condition of the lifestyle and should be treated directly through the changing of it. High blood pressure itself is mentioned as the high pressure of blood in artery as the fat covers the artery to supply blood into heart. The worse condition of the artery so that it cannot supply the blood properly, is caused by many reasons. In essential hypertension disease, the patients who live in obesity are one of best candidate for this primary hypertension. Unhealthy diet by having too much potassium will lead the patients into hypertension of this type. Consuming oral contraceptive pills, diet pills and allergy medications will also raise the tendency of this type essential-hypertension. Essential-hypertension itself is divided into few types based on the developing progress of these diseases. Malignant hypertension and benign essential hypertension are the both types.


Essential hypertension: benign essential hypertension and malignant essential hypertension

Malignant essential hypertension is part of essential-hypertension which that grows up rapidly because of the complication that characterized by the evaluated blood pressure and the damage of the organ of eyes, brain, heart and also the kidneys. This condition is also called as hypertensive emergency or hypertensive crisis.  Few symptoms of this malignant essential-hypertension are the existing of severe headache, vomiting, confusion and changes in vision. Other essential-hypertension is benign essential-hypertension. This kind of hypertension is not growing rapidly but develops in a long period of time with asymptomatic. This has less damage than malignant hypertension. However, the existing of this benign hypertension in years will cause the increasing risk of malignant hypertension. The symptom of this benign high blood pressure are commonly ground as headache, nausea and just like common high blood pressure symptoms. Essential hypertension needs direct changing lifestyle into healthy one in order to avoid the further complication diseases.

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