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Pulmonary congestion

Posted at November 12th, 2011

Pulmonary congestion – All You Need to Know About


pulmonary congestion

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If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’re curious about pulmonary congestion. To understand completely about this disease, first of all you need to know about pulmonary-congestion definition. Aside of the definition, you should also learn about other facts about this condition includes; causes and symptoms of pulmonary-congestion, and also how to treat pulmonary-congestion. Other things you need to know are types of pulmonary-congestion such as mild pulmonary-congestion or also known as mild pulmonary vascular congestion, acute pulmonary-congestion and also chronic pulmonary congestion.


Pulmonary Congestion – Things to Know

First, you need to know exactly about pulmonary congestion definition. The definition of pulmonary-congestion is inflammation of the pulmonary vessels on transudation of fluid into alveolar and also the interstitial spaces, which are seen in infections, cardiac disease, and particular injuries. In short, it is an excessive lungs fluids accumulation, which commonly associated on either congestive heart failure or inflammation. Next are causes of pulmonary-congestion. The causes of pulmonary-congestion are emphysema, uniteral venous occlusion, and bronchial occlusion, occlusion of a pulmonary artery, thrombosis/embolism, and also lymphatic obstruction. Aside of that, there are certain drugs and medications that can cause pulmonary congestion, such as proleukin, aldesleukin, and other drugs. Additionally, you will need to find out which type of pulmonary-congestion you’re having. There are three types of this condition, which includes acute pulmonary congestion, chronic pulmonary-congestion, and also mild pulmonary-congestion. Mild pulmonary-congestion or mild pulmonary vascular congestion means that the lungs blood vessels are mildly enlarged. It is means the patient’s heart has been working harder in order to pump the blood. In addition, you should also need to figure out how to treat pulmonary-congestion. Besides the right medications, the proper treatment for pulmonary-congestion usually includes diet, exercise, and maintaining healthy lifestyle. In short, treatment for pulmonary congestion can be attain by practicing a healthy lifestyle


Pulmonary Congestion – Conclusion

Pulmonary congestion definition is an excessive lungs fluids accumulation, which commonly associated on either congestive heart failure or inflammation. There are certain things that can causes of pulmonary-congestion. Some of them are certain condition such as emphysema, bronchial occlusion and may other. Certain drugs may also be the cause of pulmonary congestion. So, in order to have the proper treatment, a suspected patient should know exactly the cause of the condition that he or she is having. Last thing you should learn about is how to treat pulmonary-congestion. The correct way to treat pulmonary congestion is by practicing a healthy lifestyle.

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